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7 Signs of “Unserious” Students

Let us go through the various ways of knowing unserious students. If any of the items mentioned here describe your personality, you need to make corrections immediately!


Lazy students always give excuses they would not muster the strength to do what they ought to do. They are always tired when it comes to reading and studying for exams. They will have time to play all kinds of games but find it difficult to read and carry out their assignments and research.


Most students have little knowledge of how things are done in school, instead of them focusing and paying attention in order to know more they rather play around and waste time on irrelevant stuff.

They may not know that the purpose of the assignment and research is for them to gather more knowledge instead they dump their assignment and don’t even bother doing it.

Mind you such students can never attain academic excellence. 


They are students who feel too big to ask questions about academic stuff rather they keep it to themselves due to pride and ego. They don’t want others to know that they lack the knowledge. If such students continue to hide things and feel too big to ask questions they will continue to have difficulties in their academic life which will affect their results.


Mind you someone who climbs the ladder through cheating is a threat to society. As a student, you need to read in order to excel in your academics. Most students believe that reading is a waste of time therefore they follow the easy way which is cheating during the examination period. Tell me if you don’t read as a student how would you make it in life and also, how would you be of help to your society after your education? 


Procrastination is a very bad disease 

As a student, you need to say something and mean it rather than procrastinate. This is actually a setback for most students whereby you’re given the assignment to do or you want to read for an upcoming exam instead of reading you prefer to  procrastinate which can cause a lot of damage as a student. 


If you don’t go to class, you will miss some important lectures. It takes a lot of determination and discipline to attend every class. You need to attend every class in other to excel in your academic because if you don’t attend class it will be difficult for you to get good grades. 


Some students have misplaced their priorities through carelessness. For example in the examination hall, a student would rush to submit his/her script without cross-checking the script just to outshine other students or to create an impression that they are smarter or that they know it all. They don’t stay to correct some mistakes which will affect their results later on. 

The key takeaway from the issues listed above is so the student can correct his/her steps and learn how to work hard in other to excel throughout in academics and make it in life which will be helpful to society at large.

We all know that education is the key to knowledge.

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