What NYSC orientation camp is like (my experience)

What are the activities in NYSC Camp? Formal or informal? Things that happen in NYSC camp, NYSC daily activities (in camp) and My own camp experience.

If you’re among those asking what to do in NYSC orientation camp, what is NYSC Orientation camp like, is the orientation camp friendly, safe and comfortable, etc, this of for you.

So you’re probably warming up for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC Nigeria) and you’ve been wondering, “what is the NYSC orientation camp like?” That is, what activities go on their? Fun? Hard labor? Military training? Formal learning environment or what?

Well, you’re not alone in this kind of thought. Some of us had some curiosity about this onerous task to help build our nation via NYSC program.

What I want to do here is to share some of the things you will do in NYSC orientation camp, based on my own experience.

What NYSC Orientation Camp is Like

1. Tedious first day!

The first day was the most stressful day for me at the orientation camp. Imagine standing on the cue for several hours, plus the stress that preceded that.

There was series of registrations involving crosschecking of documents, signing, etc. It was simply stressful and I saw that stress on the face of all the prospective corp members in the camp, especially those who landed in the camp that early in the morning from far places like south waste.

2. Uncomfortable!

I want to mention it here before I forget that the state of comfort I “enjoyed” at the NYSC Black Gold camp, Kaduna because it was NOT a great one.

Bro, sis the orientation camp isn’t a place of luxury and comfort. It’s a CAMP, really. So, expect to crash in the bunk with other “Otondos”, in a congested room with not enough space for you to freely move your legs.

Apart from the hostels, there are few other discomforting stuff you might find. For example, if you’re from a region with considerable weather difference from the camp you’re posted, you will need to quickly adjust to the different weather conditions.

But, are these something to worry about? Not at all. If 3 weeks of such minor discomfort can help to further unite and build our nation, we might as well make it 3 months.

3. Regimented

The NYSC camp is a fully regimented. In other words, it’s the kind of experience you will get in a military camp.

Of course, your trainings are not even close at all to military training but still, they aren’t totally unconnected.

The army train the Corp members. You should expect different types of trainings including parade (this one is the surest), calisthenics, taekwondo, Man O War (by the Man O War), etc.

But those things up there are not even the koko. The real deal for me was the beagle!!! I hated the sound of it, except when it calls for Social Night! Lol.

I hated most especially the early morning (3 am) sound of beagle that interrupted my short night sleeps!

You go to bed around 11 and before you know it, soldiers are in the hostels to cut short your sleep… Asking why? Because its morning (3 am or thereabout).

So, the beagle, trumpet, or whatever you call it disturbed a lot. You always pay attention when you hear the beagle.

Every different sound pattern of the beagle means different thing. There is one for parade, one for food, one when your attention is needed for announcement, one or light out, etc.

In short, the orientation camp is fully regimented. So, get ready to live like a controlled robot. Better still, appreciate the fun of it. Yes, it is also fun.

4. Fun and fun and more fun!

Of course, as the saying goes: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I am sure even a regimented camps know that. That’s why everyone in the orientation camp have fun moments.

Personally, the most interesting experience for me are the social night and the sports. Yes, because I am lazy, whatever.

I enjoy watching football, even though I am not good at it. Lawn tennis, my favorite game I like to play wasn’t there in my orientation camp. I felt cheated! However, I had some fun playing volleyball with the soldiers and other corp members. Yes, I can play volleyball, but not excellent at that. But, I enjoy the game.

What about Social Night? Ah! Lovely! Lot of things: beauty pageantry, dance competition, drama, etc.

But do you know the most interesting part? The “unofficial” dance! Lol. So, in this unofficial dance, you hear stuff like “Igbo, it’s your turn to dance!” Then with sound of Phyno or Zoro, see Igbo kill it! “Hausa, take the stage!” OMG! Never knew how good different tribes in this country can dance! Not to mention Yoruba, etc. Everyone killed it!

5. The food suck…

Like really sucks. That’s all because I don’t even want to remember it. But, not to worry. Just have some catch for food. Always go to the camp mammy market to eat better food if you don’t like the NYSC food.

Pro tip: most people didn’t like the food!

6. No indecent act or “the other types” of fun

There is where it will depend more on the management of your orientation camp. The state coordinator of my camp, a disciplined man and a father made sure the corp members behaved in a like manner: disciplined. His slogan then was “No man, no woman, no liquor.”

So, “boy girl s*x thing you may have heard about NYSC camps, smoking, alcohol, and the likes were not tolerated. At all.

We pray for more people like Mr. B. Balama.

7. More stuff

Of course, there are more stories I can te about my NYSC experience at Black Gold camp, Kaduna. But seriously, I need some sleep now. Let me leave those as surprises for you. Please share this post. Enjoy your camping!

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