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Borno State University: Courses, School Fees, Admission & More

Borno State University
Borno State University

So, you have decided to gain admission into Borno State University to continue your tertiary education and study your dream course. 

While that is good, it is important you know the information I will share with you in this article before you start or continue your admission process into BOSU. 

Are you ready? Let us dive in!

Facts You Should Know About Borno State University

BOSU is a state university in Maiduguri established under the former governor of Borno State, Honorable Kashim Shettima, in 2016. 

The government aim to establish a standard tertiary institution for the thousands of O-Level holders by which Borno State is one of the host communities. 

The institution has four (4) faculties, twenty-three (23) departments, and over ten thousand (10,000) students. 

Borno State University’s vision is to become a centre of excellence for teaching, learning, and research where everyone, without exception, can receive a top-notch university education to hasten the transformation of the local communities.

List Of Borno State University Courses

Another necessary piece of information you should know as a prospective student of BOSU is the list of courses the school offers.  

So, if you want to know if BOSU offers the course you want to study, I have you covered. Click the link below to find out.

Borno State University Courses 

Borno State University School Fees For New Students

Another necessary piece of information you should know is the school fees of your prospective school. So, here is the list of school fees for new students in BOSU.  

2B.A EnglishN25,800N45,800N125,800
3B.A. Literature-In-EnglishN25,800N45,800N125,800
4B.A Islamic StudiesN25,800N45,800N125,800
5B.Ed Educational ManagementN25,800N45,800N125,800
6B.Ed Guidance & CounsellingN25,800N45,800N125,800
7B.A Education/EnglishN25,800N45,800N125,800
8B.A Education/lslamic StudiesN25,800N45,800N125,800
9B.A (Ed ) Education/EconomicN25,800N45,800N125,800
10B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/BiologyN28,800N48,800N128,800
11B.Sc.(F.d.) Education/ChemistryN28,800N48,800N128,800
12B.Sc.(Ed ) Education/MathematicsN28,800N48,800N128,800
13B Sc. (Ed.) Education/PhysicsN28,800N48,800N128,800
14BSc.(Ed.) Education/Computer ScienceN28,800N48,800N128,800
15B Sc. AccountingN25,800N45,800N125,800
16B Sc Business AdministrationN25,800N45,800N125,800
17B. Sc. EconomicsN25,800N45,800N125,800
18B Sc GeographyN27,800N47,800N127,800
19B Sc Mass CommnunlcatonN25,800N45,800N125,800
20B. 5c Political ScienceN25,800N45,800N125,800
21B. Sc. SociologyN25,800N45,800N125,800
22B Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesN25,800N45,800N125,800
23B. Sc Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionN25,800N45,800N125,800
24B Sc. Public AdministrationN25,800N45,800N125,800
25B. Sc PhysicsN28,800N48,800N128,800
26B. Sc Computer ScienceN28,800N48,800N128,800
27B. Sc MathematicsN28,800N48,800N128,800
28B. Sc StatisticsN28,800N48,800N128,800
29B. Sc ChemistryN28,800N48,800N128,800
30B.Sc BiotechnologyN30,800N50,800N130,800
31B Sc Plant Science and BiotechnologyN30,800N50,800N130,800
32B.Sc. Animal & Environmental BiologyN30,800N50,800N130,800

Other Fees Are:

  • Laboratory/Studio Fees/: (Science Education and Mass Communication Students) – N3,000
  • Accommodation (Only students willing to stay on Campus) – N25,000.00
  • Teaching Practice (Education Students only) – N1,500
  • Late Registration (Defaulting students only) – N5,000

BOSU Cut-Off Mark

The school cut-off mark is 140. So, to be eligible for admission into the school, you must score 140 and above in your JAMB UTME exam.

BOSU Student Portal

As a prospective student of BOSU, you will need to access the school student portal to complete your admission process. 

To visit BOSU Student Portal, click the link below. 

Where Is BOSU Located? 

The institution is located at Kano Rd, Njimtilo 602104, Maiduguri. 

Is BOSU Under ASUU? 

No, the school of one of the state universities in Nigeria is not under ASUU.  

Does BOSU Offer Medicine and Surgery? 

Yes, the institution offers Medicine & Surgery and other medical programmes. 

Does BOSU Accept Second Choice Candidates? 

Yes, you can still gain admission into the school if you choose as a second choice in your JAMB exam. 

How Much Is BOSU Acceptance Fee?

The BOSU acceptance fee is ten thousand nairas (N10,000) only for all newly admitted students, and is non-refundable. 

How Much Is BOSU Hostel Fee?

If you want to get accommodation in the school hostel, you should apply for it before the time. 

The school hostel fee is twenty-five thousand nairas (N25,000) for an academic session. 

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