JSS2 Civic education past questions and answers

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. In democracy, decision making is reached through
(a)Discussion (b)argument (c)persuasion (d)all of the above
2. Democracy is all about people thus, it starts with people and end with. –––
(a)Election (b)people (c)voting (d)political party’s
3. The political party that is controlling the federal government of Nigeria today is
(a)CPC (b)APP (c)APC (d)PDP
4. 27th May of each year is celebrated as ––– in Nigeria
(a)Father’s day (b)Teacher day (c)children day (d)Democracy day
5. Every person must be up to ––– years before he/she is eligible to vote and be voted for
(a)20 (b)18 (c)16 (d)12

6. In Nigeria general elections are conducted every ––– years
(a)2 (b)4 (c)8 (d)6
7. The abbreviation of Independent National Electoral Commission is
8. ––– is the type of election where by people are asked to vote either yes or no to any government proposal or decision
(a)Direct election (b)run off (c)referendum (d)bye election
9. Primary election is the type of election conducted within a –––
(a)Federal (b)State (c)local government (d)political party
10. The following are types election except
(a)movement election (b)bye election
(c)indirect election (d)primary election

11. Which one is not a feature of democracy?
(a)Election (b)no separation (c)Free press (d)political party
12. Which one is not types of values
(a)Greed (b)honesty (c)sincerity (d)confidence
13. Which one is a type of citizenship
(a)citizenship by birth (b)citizenship by marriage
(c)citizenship by honorary (d)All of the above
14. 29th May of every year is celebrated as ––– in Nigeria.
(a)Children day (b)Army day (c)Democracy day (d)Mali day
15. Dishonesty often resulted to –––
(a)corruption (b)peace (c)love (d)trust

16. The following are consequences of dishonesty except
(a)It causes crime (b)examination malpractices
(c)stability in the society (d)disorderliness in the society

18. All these show that someone has the right attitude to work, except
(a)punctuality (b)regularity (c)discipline (d)inconsistency
19. The consequence of not obeying traffic rules often resulted into –––
(a)Road works (b)pot holes (c)road accidents (d)safe driving.

Essay Questions

1a. What is democracy?
1b. List four (4) pillars of democracy
2a. What is government
2b. Mention the tiers of government
3a. Define self-employment
3b. State five (5) examples of self-employment.

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