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JSS 1, 2 & 3 Civic Education Past Questions and Answers

JSS 3 Civic Education Past Questions and Answers

SECTION: Objective

1 Nigeria is ruled by _____

a) Law b) People               c) person

2. Who are to obey the constitution?

a) family b) friends               c) people

3. why do we have constitution?

a) To fight b) to leave in peace             c) to know our right

4. Can Nigerian constitution be reviewed?

a) Yes b) No                      c) Maybe

5. Which if the following is one if the function of Nigerian constitution?

a) It brings peace in the country

b) It causes war in the country

c) It unifies the country

6. Whose constitution is in 1922?

a) Ahmadu b) Clifford              c) Richard

7. Richard constitution of 1946 create

a) House of representative b) house of assembly          c) house of government

8. Who is the person that review the constitution in 1946?

a) Abubakar Salam b) Abubakar Adamu            c) Richard

9. Why do we study constitution?

a) To know it only

b) To fight for our right

c) To live in peace and to know our right



  1. Write down 5 features of the Nigerians constitution.
  2. Write all the functions of the constitution.
  3. What is constitution
  4. Why do we study constitution?
  5. What is the importance of constitution?

JSS 2 Civic Education Past Questions and Answers

SECTION: Objective

1 ____ is the quality of being honest and morally upright.

a) Courage b) contentment    c) integrity             d) power

2. A person that lack contentment exhibit the following character

a) Prostitution b) happiness         c) joy      d) peace

3. One of the following is not the attribute of a disciplined person.

a) honest and tolerant b) patient              c) jealous               d) self-control

4. Discipline means self-control or orderly ____

a) Control b) behavior           c) camb d) respect

5. Person that has self-control can control his/her

a) Money b) father                c) emotion            d) classmate

6. ____ is the quality that enable a person to hold fast and be string when he or she is in danger path or in a difficult situation

a) Money b) courage             c) food                   d) integrity

7. An individual or integrity has the following attributes except

a) Honesty b) contentment    c) richness             d) fair play

8. All of the following are need for the people of integrity except

a) Community and social development

b) Peaceful coexistence

c) Cheating

d) Model for the young ones

9. He or she is happy and satisfied with whatever one has is called ____

a) Confidence b) contentment    c) control               d) contact

10. An individual that greet, respect and honour others is seen as a ____

a) Trouble b) disciplined person           c) wicked               d) diligent


  1. Define courage
  2. List three (3) types of courage
  3. What is integrity?
  4. Define discipline
  5. Define contentment
  6. List three (3) attributes of contentment

JSS 1 Civic Education Past Questions and Answers

SECTION: Objective

1. Values are the standards which determined what is good or bad, right or wrong and what us needed and desirable in the society.

True b) False

2. Values simply means people likes and dislikes.

True b) False

3. Love for one another, honesty and truthfulness, fear of God and hard work are examples of

a) Good values b) bad values c) none of the above           d) all of the above

4. Bribery and corruption, lying, armed robbery, kidnapping and cultism are examples of

a) Bad values b) good values      c) all of the above                d) none of the above

5. Unity, cooperation, and harmony are importance of value.

True b) False

6. Factors that promote good value system are

a) Consistency b) commitment c) fairness              d) all of the above

7. Individual level, family level and society level are the levels of manifestation of values.

True b) False

8. Honesty, cooperation and self-reliance are types of

a) Values b) family                c) marriage           d) dancing

9. A human attitude of telling the truth without lying, cheating or stealing is called

a) Honesty b) harmony           c) cooperation      d) tolerance

10. Cooperation is working together for a common purpose in order to achieve a particular result.

True b) False


  1. Define values
  2. List five (5) types of values you know
  3. What is honesty?

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