Courses under mass communication in Nigerian schools

Mass communication courses in Nigeria, types of mass communication courses, and Mass communication syllabus: Mass communication in Nigerian universities, polytechnics and other higher institutions usually involve foundation courses which the students take in their first year. As the student progress, there are various courses under the program (Mass Communication), including writing courses, print courses, broadcast courses, media attachment which will help the student gain  some practical experience, persuasion courses, research and project.

So, what are the courses under Mass Communication in Nigerian higher institutions? See them below.

Courses under mass communication

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • History of the Nigerian Mass Media
  • Elements of Journalistic Style
  • Communication in English
  • The Use of Library & Study Skills
  • Logic Philosophy & Human Existence
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Nigerian Legal System
  • Introduction to Nigerian Literature
  • Introduction to Fiction
  • Elementary French
  • Major World Civilizations
  • History of Nigeria
  • History of Africa
  • African Communication Systems
  • Writing for the Mass Media
  • Typesetting
  • Nigerian Peoples & Culture
  • Introduction to Nigerian Literature
  • Basic English Grammar and Composition
  • Elementary French
  • History of West Africa from 1500 A.D. to the Present
  • Europe to the Age of Revolutions
  • Basic Communication Theory

Senior years, mostly from third year studying mass communication in Nigerian university, the student faces the following course:

Senior Years Courses in Mass Communication

  • Theories of Mass Communication 2
  • Reporting 2
  • Graphics of Mass Communication 2
  • Critical and Review Writing 2
  • Announcing and Performance 2
  • Principles of Public Relations 2
  • Introduction to Film
  • Natural Science I 2
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution I
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Marketing Foundations for Advertising and Public Relations 2
  • Introduction to Political Science I 2
  • Nigerian Politics and Government I 2
  • Introduction to Sociology I
  • Media and Society 2
  • Information and Communication Technologies 2
  • News Writing 3
  • Principles of Broadcasting 2
  • Principles of Advertising 2
  • Media Attachment
  • Fundamentals of Media Relations 2
  • Social Changes and Social Problems
  • Development Journalism 2
  • Feature and Interpretative Writing 3
  • Magazine Article Writing 3
  • Radio/TV Programme Writing and Production 2
  • News Editing 2
  • Fundamentals of Book Publishing 2
  • Photojournalism

More Courses in Mass Communication (4th year and above)

  • Mass Communication Law and Ethics 2
  • International Communication 2
  • Advanced Radio/TV Production 2
  • Advanced Newspaper Production 2
  • Advanced Magazine Production 2
  •  Print Seminar 2
  • Advanced Public Relations 2
  • Station Management and Operations 2
  • International Broadcasting 2
  • International Public Relations 2
  • Organisation and Management of Advertising and Public Relations Agencies 2
  • Media Management 2
  • Broadcast Seminar 2
  • Advanced Advertising 2
  • Documentary Film Production 2
  • Film Criticism 2
  • Educational Broadcasting 2
  • Special Topics in Advertising & Public Relations 2
  • Multinational Advertising 2

Note: Most Nigerian universities have very similar scheme of work, hence, most offer them cover the same topics.  For example, UNN Nsukka mass communication courses ( is similar to what is listed above. However, this doesn’t mean it is not possible to have minor discrepancies.

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