Do you really need to write JAMB mock exam? (Find out now!)

Most of you that are preparing to sit for JAMB UTME exam must have heard this thing called JAMB Mock exam. But what you probably don’t know is the essence of it and if it is really necessary that you sit for the exam.

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Here, I want to what I understand about JAMB Mock exam, to help you decide if it is really worth it or not.

What is JAMB Mock exam?

JAMB mock exam is a preparatory exam for candidates preparing to sit for UTME exam.

It is an exam before the main JAMB exam.

Is JAMB mock exam important?

How important the exam depends on the individual candidate, but generally, the JAMB mock exam is very important because of the following:

Have the experience before JAMB

The mock exam will help you have that experience of what the main exam will be like. This is especially good for candidates who will be sitting for JAMB for the first time. All your experience about JAMB so far will be nothing compared to the mock exam which tries to mimic the main exam.

Understand Computer Based Test (JAMB CBT)

Some people have never written any exam with a computer before. Even if you have, you have not done it with the JAMB CBT software.

This is another reason the mock exam is very important. It will help you get familiar with CBT exam. In my previous article, I explained in details how to take the JAMB CBT exam on a computer. Make sure to read that as well.

Build your confidence

You can’t tell for certain how good and well prepared you are for JAMB until you put your readiness to test. Unfortunately, most JAMBites get to find out their level of preparedness on the exam day, inside the exam hall.

But by taking the mock exam you can assess yourself, know how ready you are for the main JAMB exam.

Know how ready you are

This is a two-way thing: some people who think they are fully prepared might end up seeing that they still have a lot to read, while some who have read deep and wide but felt they haven’t read anything might realize they have done a great job so far.

Wherever you find yourself after the mock exam experience, do not stop studying. It is not yet over until it is over.

Do not make the mistake of relaxing after the mock exam. The mock might end up being easier than the main exam. Who knows.

No knowledge is a waste

You can also see the mock exam as an opportunity to learn. Learn to use JAMB CBT, learn from the questions set, especially the ones that will give you a tough time, learn from the entire experience! No knowledge is a waste.

Should I sit for JAMB Mock exam?

What would I gain from sitting for the exam? So much. The previous parts of this article already explained some of the possible benefits.

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But what would I lose if I don’t sit for the mock exam? Many things, possibly: no prior experience of JAMB exam, not knowing how ready you are for the main exam, etc.

Bro, sis, kindly sit for the mock exam. It will help you.

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