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Download latest WAEC syllabus 2020/2021 PDF

Download latest WAEC Syllabus for all WAEC subjects in PDF. Prepare for 2020/2021 WAEC exam the right way with the right material.

The West African Examination Council Syllabuses are documents that contains detailed outlines of all the topics and sub-topics every candidate preparing for WAEC exam should endeavor to cover before her WAEC exam.

The importance of WAEC syllabus is that it will help the student prepare well for the exam while focusing on the most relevant subjects. Consider this as a compass that directs your sail towards your WAEC exam success.

Therefore, I urge every student preparing for the WAEC exam to get copies of the WAEC syllabus for the subject she will take during the examination.

The syllabus are in PDF format and are free for download. Save it you your phone, laptop or whatever device you are using and open it with any PDF reader.

Download WAEC Syllabus 2020/2021 PDF

Click on any subject to download the syllabus:

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33 thoughts on “Download latest WAEC syllabus 2020/2021 PDF”

  1. Gabriel Arthur Fangawa

    I did not see business Management. I am from Sierra Leone and may like to know if this syllabus is for our country as well. Because i see you priorities for local language.

  2. Thanks a lot buh there is not data processing and government there although am a science student buh some people need the PDF of these subjects that are not available

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