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Download NOUN e-Courseware (Course Materials in PDF) for all courses

Free downloads of the latest e-courseware of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) are available for all the courses.

The e-course-ware is the course materials students of the university need to study and prepare for their various courses. So, if you are a student of the school, these materials can be very useful for you!

How to download and use NOUN  course-ware

  1. The NOUN course materials are in PDF format. So, it would help if you had a PDF reader on your phone, tablet, laptop or device.
  2. Select any faculty you want to download the e-courseware
  3. You can also select the level of study and semester
  4. Click on the course material you wish to download it.

It seems the NOUN website URL has been changed or is unavailable so the download page that was previously available may not be accessible when you visit the link: Courseware (course materials) of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) PDF. Not sure if https://www.nouonline.net/ is their new official website.

The link above gives you access to free PDF course materials from the National Open University of Nigeria.

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113 thoughts on “Download NOUN e-Courseware (Course Materials in PDF) for all courses”

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  2. Ezeimo Albert Nosike M.

    I am a graduate of NOUN with Mtat. No. NOU060178997. I wish to access the e-courseware to download some materials of interest. I have been finding it difficult to do so.
    My name is Ezeimo Albert Nosike M.

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    Please I have been finding it difficult to download my course materials as was directed by the school. GST 101, GST 105, GST 107, POL111 and POL 121. Please I need your urgent response.

    1. I have done my registration for Second semester( 100level) in Criminology nd security studies however, I don’t know how to confirm if I have registered for the appropriate semester, which is second semester..

  6. Pls I am a student in this university. Can we know what’s this issue with ecourseware? It’s now impossible to download our materials and the exam is fast approaching. Pls let somebody talk to us. Thanks.

    1. Can som1 help me wth ;
      1. ENG 454: Multiligualism
      2. Pragmatics
      3. Phonology of English
      All English Département Courses

  7. Iam a final year student studies B.Agric crop science but my courses of second semester were not on store or online pls sir/ma help me
    to develop them, to enable me graduate.They are,CRP504 Advanced crop protection,CRP506 Landscape Horticulture and floriculture, CRP512 Crop Evolution and Adaptation, CRP516 produce/post harvest Management.Thanks sir/Ma.

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  9. Good day sir/ma. Please I want to down load second semester course material for 800level in Education and Planning
    Thanks so much

    1. Abubakar idrisa Aliyu

      I am in 200 level in public health and I don’t have any materials by now pls just help me thanks

      1. Plz I need course material for sed 411 practice in integration of science and sed 328 energy and matter ll.

    1. Abubakar idrisa aliyu

      Please I am in 200 level student and I to download my course materals in public health

    1. I want to download my course materials under faculty of Agric extension and rural development first semester undergraduate degree

      1. How will i use three names instead of two names i used please i need to effect that in portal.thanks

    1. I’m nursing student i need PDF on CNP113(anotomy and physilogy1)CNP114,(emergency)CNP112(foundation of nursing)CNP(microbiology) i will be glad if i get a reply back.my gmail […]

      1. I couldn’t see any material for CIT 701 ( FOUNDATION OF INFO & COMM. TECHNOLOGY) to download. I need an urgent help on this regard, pls!

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