Final JAMB secrets as UTME exam 2019 starts 11th

JAMB 2019 exam is already at hand and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board seems fully ready to deliver a credible exam.

As a JAMBite you need to be ready to take your admission into your own hand. The good news is that the JAMB exam is nothing to worry about if you have prepared for it.

Why do I think JAMB is easy?

Because it is and there are many indications to that. For example, JAMB repeats questions even though the grammar may change, the idea is still the same.

Also, Vol. 1, No 13 weekly Bulletin of the Office of JAMB Registrar shows that out of 1,793,018 candidates in last year JAMB 1,168,948 candidates scored 140 and above in their UTME.

Note that 140 is like the least some schools can accept. So you should not aim for that very least. Aim very high.

The report further goes to say that 570,089 candidates were admitted into the various schools. And with supplementary admissions, JAMB admits at least 60% of candidates (who qualify for admission) every year.

But then, don’t relax.

If you can to get the course and school of your choice, you must not relax until this JAMB is over.

Get ready for the exam…

Final Revisions

So by now that you have gone through JAMB past questions and answers? Great! But you are not done until after JAMB which is a couple of days away.

Go through the past questions again and solve them over and over so everything sticks perfectly. When you solve a question (and similar questions) many times you can solve it much faster in the exam hall.

JAMB slip

Before the exam day, you should have printed your JAMB exam slip. I have written a guide on how to do that and it is very easy. So you can see how to print JAMB exam slip.

The exam slip contains the details about your upcoming UTME exam. So make sure to get at least 2 copies when the portal opens. Do not forget the slip.


And here comes the downfall of many, JAMB expo. It is a usual practice every year that you see students searching for “JAMB runs” before the exam.

The tendency is to cheat to pass. But sadly, JAMB expo is the reason many are still writing UTME for the past 3 years, fail to pass post-UTME or are currently struggling in schools.

Here is what you need to know about JAMB expo: Safe JAMB Expo (JAMB Runs) 2019/2020, Be Wary

Finally, hope for the best

Finally, after all the hard work you have put into the preparations so far, you just have to hope for the best.

Be confident and may God bless your efforts with high scores and a hitch-free admission!

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