FUOTUOKE student allegedly commits suicide due to depression!

Yet another news of suicide by a Nigerian student. This is becoming like an every week thing.

News has emerged of a final year student of History Education at the Federal University of Otuoke (FUOTUOKE) who took his own life. The student, identified as Don Zednas Snr, commited suicide on the night of March 23 at his residence.

Don Zednas

Don Zednas was a one-time aspirant of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) student representative central zone.

The reason behind this alleged case of suicide remians uncertain as at the time of reporting; however there is a rumour that he suffered from depression.

Personally, I want to advice students to take it easy with stress over certificates. That grade or certificate is not worth your life. Eventually, you’ll forget the certificates in your bag, like many graduates out there after graduation, and forge ahead. Certificate is good, but not that important in job market. But, you won’t know that because you are still in school.

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