FUTMINNA Graduating Student Celebrates in “Grand” Style

Final Year Student don’t seem to learn from other people’s experience these days.

Yet another student who is just graduated from FUTMINNA has been spotted  glorifying examination malpractice.

Recall that earlier this month, A student of UNIBEN Peace Ufuoma did the same thing by wearing a Tshirt that said “Aggressive malpractice brought me this far”, school authorities has canceled all her exams from 200 level which she must rewrite to graduate.

Everyone has had one of two things to say about the incident but the fact remains that the University of Benin has made her point clear in publicly declaring that she has no room for malpractices of all sort and offenders will be prosecuted squarely.

Amidst all these drama, another photo surfaces online of a young male graduate of a yet to be identified University boldly showing this sign-out shirt which read, “Cheated in every Exam”.

A drastic decision should be taken against this young man so this trend can stop for good.

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