How many subjects are written in post-UTME? (find out!)

Post-UTME subjects and questions vary with schools, meaning that all schools don’t set the same subjects even for the same course.

In other words, while one university may set questions on English, Economics, Government and Literature for social science courses, another school may set English, Current Affairs and Government.

The bottom line is that this varies with schools.

How many subjects are written in post-UTME?

In Post-UTME exams, most federal universities set fours subjects, which correspond to the four subjects the candidates picked during JAMB.

Some state universities may set their post UTME exam in a similar manner as the federal universities.

However, it is very important to note that the number of subjects can vary with schools, even for the same course. This has already been explained above.

How to know the number of subjects that will appear in your post-UTME exam

The surest way I know you can do this:

  • Ask the first-year students of the school who are studying the course you applied for. Ask them the subjects the questions came from during their post-UTME
  • check the school website: it is unlikely that the schools will indicate the number of subjects written in their post-UTME exams, but just check
  • Check the recent post-UTME past questions of the school

Most importantly, see how to prepare well so you can score high in your post-UTME exam.

All the best!

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