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How to activate your JAMB App

You have two options to activate your JAMB CBT and Past Questions app, which are manual activation or automatic activation.

If you don’t have the app, simply install the App from Play Store first.

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Option 1: Manual Activation

Here is a summary of how to activate your app manually:

  • Pay N1,000 to Access Bank Savings account number: 0731262551, Account Name: Arinze Raphael Anakor
  • Send your app ID and the name on the account that made the payment to EduPadi, WhatsApp or SMS, via phone number: 07033696631
  • Once we confirm your payment, you can enter your name and other things in the app and click Active App to activate your app

Detailed Explanation of How to Activate EduPadi App Manually

This is a detailed explanation of the summary above.

It is very easy to activate EduPadi JAMB CBT app manually. All you have to do to activate the app after you’ve installed it is the following:

Step 1: Pay for the app activation

Pay or transfer ₦1,000 ONLY to the following bank account:


  • Bank Name: Access Bank
  • Account number: 0731262551
  • Account name: Anakor Arinze Raphael
  • Account type: Savings Account

Step 2: Send us your app ID

After you’ve paid, simply open the app and open the app menu from the left. There you will see your app ID:

Menu copy app ID

Click to copy and send your app ID. Send your app ID along with the name on the bank account that made the payment to EduPadi phone number 07033696631 using WhatsApp or SMS.

Notice: You can also get the app ID at the app manual activation screen. To copy the app ID from the activation screen, simply click “Activate App” from the menu, on the next screen, click to activate app manually to be taken to the screen where you can also copy the same app ID:

Step 3: Activate your app

Now that you have paid and sent us your app ID and the name on the bank account that made the payment, we will confirm the payment and you can simply activate your app by doing the following:

  • On the home screen, open the app menu from the left
  • Click Activate App
  • On the next screen, Click to Activate App Mannually
  • Enter your name and phone number
  • Click the button to activate the app and you are done!
Activate app manually
Activate app manually

Option 2: Automatic Activation

To automatically activate the JAMB app instantly, simply

  • click Activate App from the menu on the home screen
  • pay with your ATM card
  • and the app will be activated immediately after payment:

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    1. Hi Bunmi, the JAMB App has 2 plans: A Free plan and a Paid plan.
      In the Free plan, you will not be able to access all the features. But you can access all the features in the Paid plan. EduPadi JAMB App has a lot of features that will greatly help you in your JAMB exam. You won’t find all these powerful features elsewhere. As you can see, there are no ads to disturb you while using the app. We use the money to maintain the app and remove all the ads that might be disturbing you while using the app. Kindly activate the app to access all the features. Thank you.

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