How to make good friends in schools in Nigeria

Do you find it difficult to make friends in school? When I say friends, I don’t mean anyhow friends but friends you’re cool with. If that is you, brace up because I am here to guide you on reliable and easy ways to make friends in Nigerian schools, be it university, secondary schools or other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Making friends in schools can be challenging especially for the people who are shy or who are not used to going out and making friends at home.


The first section below will deal with higher institutions of learning, while the second part will focus on students in secondary school.

Ready? Here are ways to make friends in schools:


Look for people with the same interest as you

Mingling with people who have common interests as you is an easy way to start forming friendships.

Looking for people who share the same enjoyable activities or hobbies as you would help you form relationships. For example, if you are a staunchly religious person, joining fellowships that align with your religious affiliations will sure earn you friends from there. Same as sporting activities, music taste, and the rest. Going to places where your interests lie will ease the efforts of connecting with like-minds who can become friends.

Look for your type

Do not go out trying to fit into a particular group who may seem “high class” or people who are entirely in a different social class as you.

This does not mean to limit yourself, instead, it is to respect yourself worth and not struggling to fit in into other people’s life. Be your happy self.

If you try to be a wannabe, obviously you will find yourself always trying to impress people who are in that social class, doing this will force you also to live a fake life different from whom you really are.

Always be yourself and find people in the same social class as you to avoid getting embarrassed one way or another, or being fake to your own self.

Be trustworthy

People will naturally gravitate towards you if they find out that you are somebody they can trust. To make friends, you need not only be trustworthy, but also have integrity, and some principles. Virtues like these will bring you, reliable friends.

And of course, choose trustworthy people as friends too.

Be polite to everyone

Being polite is another way to win friends. Being polite even when you do not agree with the person will not only earn you their friendship but as well will earn you a great deal of respect.

Be humble, do not look down on anyone. Always try to be helpful, even to strangers, be ready to point strangers in the right direction if they asked. Little things like this leave a good name unto you and will make people want to associate with you.

Have preferences

Even though you may have all the nice qualities and everyone wants to associate you, make sure to be selective of the people who you call your friends. It is very okay to have many acquaintances, but it is not okay to have frenemies who may be disguising as friends. So, be careful.

Be smart and intelligent

Most people if not everyone, like being friends with people who are intelligent and smart. In school, you need to keep your head down and work hard and smart in your studies. A lot of people will want to be friends with you when they discover that your grades are superb.

However, you may lose friends if you seem “dumb” and make really poor grades. 


Be neat all the time

Students who are clean all the time will easily have friends in secondary schools because no one wants to associate with dirty people. 

Also, looking neat and decent is usually found attractive.

So, always wash your school uniform, iron it, and look neat. You can use a mild perfume to smell nice.

Engage in social activities

To make friends in secondary school, engage in social activities such as sports, school social clubs, etc. If you are good at maybe football, be rest assured that you will attract friends. Choose from the pool of friends, the good ones.

Be book smart and intelligent

If you are intelligent in school, other students will want to be friends with you. Your intelligence will surely make other students want to be friends with you so that they can benefit from your brilliance.

Be humble and kind

Secondary school students are people who most parents told to associate with people with are intelligent. This in turn makes the student hostile to other students whom they feel are less intelligent. This breeds contempt and some students will see you as proud and might not like you.

Be humble and kind to everyone, this way, you will win their friendships.

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