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How To Study Effectively – 10 Hacks You Must Know

10 Hacks To Study On Your Own Effectively
10 Hacks On How To Study Effectively

When last did you intentionally study on your own? Can’t recall? You are not alone.

As a student, scheduling extra time for personal study occupied with other responsibilities can be challenging.

However, learning how to study effectively on your own helps avoid anxiety and frustration.

And when you are well-prepared for tests and exams can make all the difference in your school performance.

In this article, you will learn how you can study more efficiently and effectively on your own. 

These study hacks are from personal experiences and research. But they will work perfectly for you when you apply them. 

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10 Hacks On How To Study Effectively

1. Avoid Distractions

One of the quickest ways to get drained from studying is to get distracted.

It is necessary to set time aside for deep studying periods where you close yourself off to any external factors that may get in the way of your studying.

Off your phone or put it on airplane mode and concentrate fully on studying. 

2. Don’t Multi-task

When you begin to multi-task, the quality of your studying may get worse. 

One easy and quick way to make a difference is to focus on one core task at a time.

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3. Don’t Leave Things Unfinished

Finishing a book before you start a new one will not help you improve your performance at studying only but also help you reduce stress.

4. Get Enough Sleep

An exhausted brain and mind cannot study for a longer time. The body technically needs 6-7 hours of daily sleep.

A nap will boost your energy and calm your mind for effective studying.

5. Study With Bright Light

Having a bright light in your studying room is super important. 

Dim light causes you to strain on your eyes which leads to sleeping but bright light, in turn, keeps you awake.

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6. Warm-up and Keep warm

Exercise helps improve your memory and brain. Start studying with practical sums. Make handwriting notes. After every hour, drink water and move around.

7. Summarize Important Details

One good way to get information to stick in your brain is to tell it again in your own words. 

Writing out a summary is effective. It will help you to remember what you are reading and stick to details. 

8. Take Light Snacks

You can arrange some healthy and tasty snacks. And ensure that you don’t eat the whole snack in one bite to concentrate.

Eating light snacks when studying can help you feel more active and stay longer reading.

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9. Take A Regular Break 

Study sessions will be more productive if you allow yourself to take planned breaks. 

Consider a schedule of 50 minutes spent working followed by a 10-minute break.

10. Meditate

The truth is that there are things you read but wouldn’t understand at one glance until you ponder them. 

When you meditate, you are unconsciously putting the things you read into your subconscious mind.

Studies show that people who meditate perform better on tests and are generally more attentive.


Reading and studying on your own effectively can be tasking. Especially when there are lots of things around that can distract you. 

But if you implement these 10 Hacks the next time you want to study, it will help your study life massively. 

I hope this article has helped you understand some tips for effective studying. 

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