How To Survive As A Student At Nigerian University

How To Survive As A Student
How To Survive As A Student

Do you know that it is one thing to gain admission into your dream university (school) and another thing to be living in school without your parents?

Sadly, living in school can be frustrating and tiring because you are responsible for your well-being.

How? Life might not be rosy because you live far away from your parents and guidance; they are not around to guide, correct, cook, or send you errands anymore.

While this is good, many students fail to understand that the freedom they desire at all costs is a big responsibility.

Many students have fallen into depression, cultism, drug abuse, peer pressure, laziness, and many more. 

And this makes it hard for them to graduate with their mates because they neglected their studies.

However, as a fresher that wants to survive in a Nigerian university, you must learn how to adjust to your school environment and social life.

How do you do that?

You need to develop and learn new skills and tactics to cope with your new environment and school.

Meanwhile, this article will give you the skills, tactics, and how to survive as a student and excel in the university.

Let us dive into it right away.

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Tactics And Skills To Help You Survive In School As A Student

1. Attend all induction ceremonies and orientations coordinated by the school authorities. 

Attending orientations will make it easier for you to adapt to the school’s rules and regulations.

Finding your way around campus and with all the formalities will make you feel comfortable and prepare you when problems arise.

2. Create a Budget

Learning how to create a budget is one of the most crucial skills you can ever acquire. 

If you don’t want to live poorly in school, you must avoid spending extravagantly, cut off unnecessary expenses, and create a budget.

Learn how to manage your money wisely, and you will enjoy the benefits now and in the future.

3. Go To Class And Attend Lectures Regularly

It is easy to avoid lectures because you have no one (parents) to chase you from the house or beat you for not going to class.

While this is good, not attending lectures might have a negative effect on your school performance.

Do not oversleep and forget your morning classes.

You will gain lots of crucial information to help you perform well in your tests and examinations.

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4. Take advantage of study resources and resources available on campus

Virtually all schools and institutions have libraries, learning labs, and equipment you can access.

So, you can use these resources at your disposal to solve problems you have.

5. Be Organized

Unlike in secondary school, your teachers always cared about your homework and classwork. 

Believe it or not, it is not the same at the university. 

Your Lecturers and Professors do not care if you do your homework or not.

However, many students have become lazy due to their lecturer’s nonchalant attitude.

If you don’t want to fail your exams, it is your responsibility to be serious with your homework and classwork activities.

As a quote said, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”

Create and organize time for effective studying and reading. 

6. Eat Right & Stay Healthy

Learning how to cook your food is a vital skill every student must have.

Why? Because it will save you from contracting disease or illness that comes from eating junk food.

Exercise your body at least twice a week to stay healthy.

Eat balanced food. Manage whatever money you have, no matter how little, so that you have at least one healthy, balanced meal every day.

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7. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Before you choose your friends, you need to consider if they are worth your friendship.

Are they intelligent, smart, or teachable?

However, making friends with intelligent students is a tactic to thrive in school.

Make friends with people you can easily share your problems with, and they will provide solutions for you.

Note that your friends can mar or make you, so be mindful of those you call your friends.

Be around the people that will bring out the best in you.

8. Have a Cool Hostel/House

Getting accommodation is paramount to adjusting to university life as a student.

Moreso, your environment will determine your student experience.

Get a conducive house to survive and thrive in the university.

Why? Because your performance is greatly affected by your surroundings.

You may decide to stay in the school hostel or off-campus accommodation. 

Meanwhile, good accommodation makes you feel at home. Plus, the right housing option gives you the right environment to study. 

The sooner you arrange accommodation, the sooner you adjust to campus life.

9. Prepare to feel overwhelmed and stressed

It is normal to feel stressed out because you are not used to the new life university throws at you.

However, this is why you have to prepare yourself emotionally and physically.

Why? Because you will face lots of challenges.

To survive and strive, be optimistic and do not allow the temporary challenges to distract you.

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10. Learn A Digital Skill

The roles of digital skills can not be underrated in the world today. It is one of the best ways you can survive as a student while in school.

To survive in school, acquiring digital skills is vital.

Having skills that can bring money for you as a student will help you to meet financial obligations in school.

Also, it will save you from borrowing money to cater for your basic needs and reduce the burden on your parents’ necks.

However, every student should learn a skill such as Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Blogging, and many more.

If you learn and master one of these skills, you can make thousands of naira with it every month.


No doubt your university years are the best of your life, but it comes with responsibilities.

Funnily enough, many students want to avoid these responsibilities and challenges, but your determination to survive is all that matters.

However, learning the right skills can make all the difference.

Have fun, learn, take advantage of accessible resources, make new friends, ask for help, and get close to your lecturers. 

Develop yourself and enjoy your university days.

If you have the right skills and tactics, to survive as a student in school is not as hard as you think.

I hope you find this insightful. If you have a question, kindly drop it in the comment section, and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible. Make sure you share this article with your friend

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