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How to Take Lectures Online in Nigeria

There are a number of things to put in order to effectively take online lectures. These include data, your environment, timing, network, etc.

In this post, let me quickly point out some of the key things that help you, the student, when taking lectures online.

This is necessary seeing that more and more schools are adopting online lectures for their students, especially since the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are a student, here are a few things to note:

1. Check yourself and your background!

If your lecture is going to be a video session on Zoom, Google Hangout Meet or other such platforms, check your background before joining the lecture so you don’t embarrass the nation.

For example, if your room is not fine or it is a scatter-scatter kinda place, kindly move to a better place before joining a video session.

Of courses, you definitely don’t want to join a lecture while in the toilet.

Also, check that you are ready for the lectures. At least wash your face and put on a nice dress at the top. People will notice if you are unkempt!

2. Reduce the noise

Kindly turn off your mic when you are not the person talking. Let the lecturer be the one talking. Turn on your mic when you want to say something; e.g. when you want to ask a question.

Also, make sure you are not in a noisy environment so the noise doesn’t interfere.

3. Data cost

This is the time to get smart about data because online sessions, especially ones with videos can drink your data like water.

Find those greedy data plans your network provider offers. For example, if you are on MTN pulse, you can get 1.5GB for just 500 Naira. Dial *406# to see for yourself.

4. Network problems!

Some places experience very poor networks, which means your internet connectivity will not be okay and you might have a hard time following the lecture.

Try, ahead of time, to find a place where the network is better. Also, consider switching between the different networks/SIM in your phone for data connection because one of the networks may be good enough in your area,

5. Prepare for it

Because you now learn from home does not mean you should not take the lectures seriously.

Time for online lectures is not the time for watching TV or chatting on Instagram. Take your lectures seriously.

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Happy online learning!

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  1. Is Nigeria a country, Nigeria is a bush lead by blind leaders and what happens when a blind man is leading a country the country will fall to grass.
    It is not every body that has money to buy laptop or smart phones why cant Nigerian Government provide laptops and smart phones to student who can afford these things what all our leaders know is to hide money and steal and keep it for their children who have not been born may God help Nigeria because Nigeria is a Country lead by a blind person who does not know he left and right.

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