JAMB 2019 result: something is wrong, but what?

2019 JAMB candidates have written their exams, many of them are anxiously waiting for the results but… No results!

As of the time of writing this post, the two JAMB result checker pages are active but the input field for candidates to enter their details and check their results is not available yet.

Something is wrong

It is obvious that something is wrong somewhere because the JAMB we know doesn’t take this long to release results.

The rumors

This delay has given rise to a lot of rumors with some saying that JAMB is reducing students scores. Obviously, this is a fake rumor and it doesn’t make for JAMB to even think of reducing candidates scores.

So please if you are a 2019/2020 JAMB candidate don’t worry about the rumor that JAMB is reducing candidates results. Most of these rumors are spread by criminals who go about asking candidates to pay them for “result upgrade.”

And here is what you need to know about JAMB results upgrade.

The only candidates we know JAMB is dealing with are those who cheated in the exam.

What JAMB failed to do

One thing I think JAMB has failed to do is to let candidates know exactly the reason behind the delay.

If candidates expected to see their results within 24 hours after the exam but JAMB seems to have failed on their part to release the results then it would make sense that JAMB let candidates know exactly the issues they are facing and when they expect the issues to be rectified.

To 2019 JAMB candidates

And to all the 2019 JAMBites the only suggestion I can give now is that you exercise some patience because worrying or being anxious won’t make the results come out.

And while waiting for the results you can begin to think about the last step before admission by seeing how to pass the post-UTME exam and also download post UTME past questions PDF.

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