JAMB candidate arrested for paying N10,000 to upgrade score

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps have arrested a 2019/2020 UTME candidate who paid a sum of ten thousand (N10,000) to someone he contacted on WhatsApp to help him upgrade his scores.

It was learnt that the JAMBite from Delta state identified as Cletus Kokowa, with registration number 95329290ED scored 162 in his UTME and contacted the syndicate who promised to help him upgrade to thescore to 206.

How the JAMB candidate got busted

Kokowa ran out of luck when the syndicate later sent a fake result notification to him, stating that his score has been upgraded to 206 as agreed.

But upon crosschecking, he found out that his UTME result remained unchanged on the JAMB portal. Kokowa’s father, unaware that his son engaged some syndicate to upgrade his score, wrote a letter of complaint to the board asking for the rectification of his son’s scores.

JAMB thereafter invited Kokowa to come with the two results as proof. That is how the boy was caught at JAMB office and handed over to the NSCDC, after which he confessed on Thursday to have employed a syndicate.

Kokowa although knowing that upgrading scores were an offence, he did not believe he would be caught.

He said,

“Those people sent a mail to my electronic mail inbox that they could help me to upgrade my score. I then sent them my registration number and e-mail address. When the results were released and I checked, they showed me 206. Then, one of them called me and demanded payment.

“I later went to check and I found 162. I was confused. I had heard that upgrading scores was an offence, but I didn’t really believe it. I did not tell my father and my uncle about the syndicate.”

The JAMB Registrar, Oloyede, said the board would ensure the arrest and prosecution of candidates discovered to have engaged in fraudulent practices before, during and after the examination.

He said,

“When this boy came with his complaint, I asked for his records to be brought and we discovered that he had contacted fraudsters who gave him a fake result. We discovered that the result given to him was an imposition of another candidate’s result on his own.

“He is with the NSCDC and he will be handed over to the police for prosecution.”

How to upgrade JAMB score?

I’ve had a couple of students asking about this JAMB score upgrade of a thing and because of this I wrote what I know concerning it. Read this article on JAMB Score Upgrade.

Culled from: https://www.akelicious.net/2019/07/utme-candidate-arrested-for-paying.html

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