As JAMB 2019 starts today, here is what to do!

Exam day tips for all JAMB 2019 candidates, to help you do your best in the UTME exam.

For those of you that will sit for 2019/2020 UTME today, congratulations. Before today runs out you will be done with the long-awaited 2019 JAMB and have some good rest after several weeks of preparations.

Now here are few things to make sure of:

Eat your best food

Be in your best conditions while going for the exam. So make sure to eat food. Eat food that doesn’t give you any wahala (eg. don’t eat that food that upsets your stomach or makes you want to pee frequently).

Do not be afraid

It is a normal thing for almost everyone to have a little bit of exam anxiety, but don’t give that too much space and don’t let it distract you or make you feel worried. It is a normal thing that happens to most of us.

So, ignore that tiny feeling of fear and go into the exam with confidence and come out with even higher confidence and sure victory!

Take note of the timer

It is good to understand that exam tests both accuracy and speed, so make sure to take note of time.

However do not be too fast that you end up supplying the wrong answers. Of what use is an exam you finished before time but most of the answers are incorrect?

So, take note of time but don’t let the timer distract you.

Negative marking is a myth

And then ignore the rumors that JAMB does negative marking. There is no such thing in JAMB. Simple.

Smash JAMB

Finally, I pray you “smash” this 2019 JAMB UTME exam and gain admission to your dream higher institution.

All the best!

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