Join WAEC WhatsApp Group (Sciences) 2021

Join WAEC WhatsApp chat: Looking to join active WhatsApp chat for the science students who will sit for the 2021 WAEC exam, we have one for you.

To chat with other WAEC science students, get the latest news about the upcoming WAEC exam, among other things, you can join our WhatsApp Group dedicate for this purpose.

Our WhatsApp Group Rules

You will be removed from all our WhatsApp Groups if you break the rule in any Group

So, take note of this: You should not spam the Group. No form of irrelevant content is allowed.

So, make sure that what you post is all about WAEC or something that is very closely related to it, for example, some WAEC candidates might have also sat for the JAMB exam.

Simply put, behave properly in the WhatsApp Group.

How to join the WAEC WhatsApp Group for Sciences

To join, just click on the WhatsApp link for WAEC Science Students (May/June): WhatsApp Group Chat for WAEC Science students Or, join the General WhatsApp Group for WAEC students: Join Active WAEC WhatsApp

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