JSS1 Basic Science Past Questions

Basic Science Questions for JSS1 students.

SECTION: Objective

  1. Which of the following is normally used to clean water closet or toilet?
    a) Bath sponge b) toothbrush c) insecticide d) Harpic
  2. If you are you are to keep your clean and tidy it will result in bad odour dandruff.
    True or false?
  3. Poor hygiene of teeth might result in tooth decay, toothache.
    True or false?
  4. Which of the following is not a food item?
    a) Rice b) milk c) yam d) alcohol
  5. We have six classes of food in an adequate diet.
    True or false?
  6. The source of earth’s energy is
    a) foo b) animals c) sun d) plants
  7. The earth is _____ million kilometers away from the sun.
    a) 100 b) 108 c) 50 d)80
  8. Animals that feed on plants are called _____
    a) herbivores b) carnivores c) scavengers d) matter
  9. Animals that feed on flesh are called
    a) Scavengers b) herbivores c) carnivores d) evaporation
  10. The capture of sunlight energy by plants to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar is called.
    a) Photosynthesis b) chemosynthesis c) evaporation d) transpiration


  1. List the classes of food we have
  2. Give three examples of solid and liquid food you know
  3. a) List four ways of keeping your body clean
  4. b) What is food?

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

  1. If you fail to keep your hair clean and tidy, bad odour, dandruff might result.
    (a)true (b)false
  2. Which of the following night result from poor hygiene of the teeth? Tooth decay, toothache
    (a)true (b)false
  3. which of the following is not a food item?
    (a)Alcohol (b)Rice (c)milk (d)spinach
  4. The source of the earth’s energy is
    (a)sun (b)plants (c)animals (d)petroleum
  5. Which of the following vector transmit malaria
    (a)mosquito (b)tsetse fly (c)blackfly (d)insects
  6. Which of the following is a waterborne disease
    (a)cholera (b)cough (c)tetanus (d)malaria
  7. All the living things move, grow, respire, reproduce
    (a)true (b)false
  8. Cocaine is an example of drug abuse
    (a)true (b)false
  9. A plant differs from an animal because a makes its own food
    (a)true (b)false
  10. Which of the following is not a living thing?
    (a)Iron (b)snail (c)earthworm (d)grasshopper
  11. An ant is a living things
    (a)true (b)false
  12. The following are benefits of space travel; computers, rocket or aircraft fuels.
    (a)true (b)false
  13. Problems of space travel are basic needs of life, loss of weight, high speed.
    (a)true (b)false
  14. Which of the following is present in outer space?
    (a)Air (b)light (c)sound (d)life
  15. Force of gravity cannot be carried in a spacecraft.
    (a)true (b)false
  16. Mercury has–––– number of moons.
    (a)1 (b)2 (c)0 (d)6
  17. Saturn has –––– number of moons.
    (a)3 (b)4 (c)7 (d)9
  18. Natural sources of energy include one of the following.
    (a)food (b)batteries (c)petroleum products (d)generator
  19. Which of the following is not a source of energy?
    (a)coal (b)smoke (c)wood (d)petroleum
  20. Energy is the capacity to do work.
    (a)true (b)false

Essay Questions

1a. List five (5) natural sources of energy.
1b. Give three (3) artificial sources of energy
2a. List any four (4) planet you know
2b. Define Energy
3a. List four (4) characteristics of living things
3b. Name four (4) examples of plants and animals you know.

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