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JSS 2 Basic Science Past Questions

SECTION: Objective

1. The following are diseases except

a) Malaria b) Goitre                c) Bleeding gum                   d) Talkness

2. Disease can be prevented by

a) Being fashionable b) Overeating       c) consulting the native doctor         d) good sanitation

3. _____ is the carriers of the malaria parasite called plasmodium which causes malaria fever.

a) Culex mosquitoes b) cockroach         c) female anopheles’ mosquitoes    d) black flies

4. Black flies transmit the parasites that causes ____

5. Aedes mosquitoes are carrier of virus that causes what?

a) AIDS b)  Yellow fever                     c) Syphilis              d) elephantiasis

6. Water pollution may be called by _____

a) Repair of leakages over roof b) regular disposal of refuse             c) sweeping or rooms regularly        d) making good soak away pit

7. Solid air pollutants include all the following except

a) Carbondioxide b) lead dust           c) wood particles                 d) dust particles

8. Which of these is not an effect of air pollution on human beings

a) Typhoid b) Asthmatism       c) Irritation of the eyes       d) respiratory disorders

9. Gaseous air pollutants include all of the following except

a) Smoke b) insecticide        c) cement particles              d) Ammonia

10. Which if the following is not a food item

a) Milk b) orange               c) spinach              d) alcohol


  1. List six types of diseases you know.
  2. Give any effects of water pollution you know.
  3. a) Define air pollution
  4. b) Name three solid air pollutants and three gaseous pollutants
  5. Write down five ways of preventing diseases.

Objective Questions

Instruction: Answer ALL questions from this section

1. Power can be described as –––
(a)ability to do work (b)rate of doing work
(c)distance moved in uniform direction (d)anything that changes the position of a body.
2. Which of these is not part of a screw?
(a)handle (b)pitch (c)plane (d)thread
3. A gear transfers energy from the engine to the –––
(a)driven wheel (b)toothed wheel (c)gear box (d)driving wheel
4. Efficiency is defined as –––
(a)the energy of a machine (b)the ratio of work done to the effort put in
(c)the percentage energy used up (d)the percentage work output.
5. ––– is the frame work of the body of an organism.
(a)flesh (b)tongue (c)skeleton (d)eye
6. Energy can be defined as –––
(a)ability to fight (b)ability to shout (c)ability to do work (d)ability to rest
7. A device that makes our work easier is known as –––
(a)table (b)utensils (c)machine (d)car
8. Which of the following is not a blood group?
(a)A (b)B (c)OA (d)AB
9. Another name for white blood cell is –––
(a)Red blood cell (b)plasma (c)leukocyte (d)platelet
10. ––– is responsible for pumping blood in the body.
(a)Lungs (b)liver (c)heart (d)ribs
11. A place where organisms lives is known as
(a)City (b)habitat (c)house (d)water
12. The female reproductive organ is
(a)scrotums (b)ovary (c)penis (d)sperm
13. The following are metals except
(a)zinc (b)copper (c)oxygen (d)sodium
14. The enzymes contained in saliva is called –––
(a)gastric (b)ptyalin (c)bile (d)juice
15. Reproduction is an acts of producing new organisms after one’s kinds
(a)true (b)false
16. The following are diseases except –––
(a)Malaria (b)goiter (c)bleeding gum (d)talkness
17. The following are excretory wastes except –––
(a)urea (b)faeces (c)mineral salt (d)carbon dioxide
18. The following are by-products of refined crude oil except
(a)Kerosene (b)polythene (c)lubrication oil (d)bitumen
19. The following are various forms of energy except
(a)solar energy (b)heat energy (c)light energy (d)physical energy
20. What is the power of a child that has done work of 50J in 10seconds.
(a)50W (b)20W (c)30W (d)5W

Essay Questions

Answer ANY TWO (2) questions from this section

1a. Define work and energy
1b. List four (4) forms of energy you know
2a. Give five (5) common examples of simple machines in our homes.
2b. What is a simple machine?
3a. List the classes of levers we have.
3b. List the parts of a screw.

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