JAMB 2019 Government questions and answer (+PDF)

Below is the 2019/2020 JAMB government questions and answers. You can also download a PDF copy of it for offline use.


YEAR: 2019
TIME: 7:00am

1. the main function of the legislature is

Ans. law-making

2. the primary reason for the establishment of political parties is to

Ans. attain political power

3. one of the demerits of the 1979 constitution in Nigeria was that of

Ans. impeachment

4. the head of the places in the pre-colonial Hausa system is

Ans. sarkin fada

5. in the AU, which of the following organs prepare the agenda for meetings?

Ans. General Secretariat

6. Ensuring that appointment into federal establishment in Nigeria reflect geographical spread is the sole function of the

Ans. civil service commission

7. One of the duties and obligations of the state to the citizens is

Ans. loyalty

8. in which of the following does the state have absolute control of all aspect of citizens’ life

Ans. totalitarianism.

9. the characteristics of the civil service which prevents its officers from addressing the press unless directed is known as

Ans. anonymity

10. one of the important agents of political socialization is the

Ans. political party

11. successive population figures have been contested in Nigeria because of

Ans. political consideration

12. the tenet of non-alignment connotes

Ans. political neutrality

13. which of these is an economic programme designed by the military

Ans. directorate of food, road and rural infrastructure

14. the legal right to exercise power in a state is referred to as

Ans. sovereignty

15. one of the major sources of a constitution is

Ans. convention

16. which of the following is a process of military disengagement from Nigeria politics?

Ans. conduct of a
free and fair election

17. the quorum in the OPEC
conference is formed with the
attendance of

Ans. three-quarters of members state

18. A major feature of the monarchy is that it is

Ans. based on hereditary

19. the northern and southern protectorates were made provinces under the

Ans. Clifford

20. one major merit of the unitary system of government is that if

Ans. it is cheaper to operate

21. bye-laws are made by the

Ans. executive.

22. Disputes among member states of ECOWAS are settled by

Ans. the community

23. which of the following is an advantage of the presidential system of government

Ans. checks and balances

24. one of the demerits of the privatization of public corporations in Nigeria is

Ans. the higher cost of goods and services

25. Grants received by the local government councils in Nigeria are from

Ans. federal and state

26. the totality of Nigeria’s participation in the international system is known as

Ans. foreign policy

27. smaller parties have little chance of winning elections in a

Ans. pluralism

28. A major difference between a pressure group and political party is that whereas the latter aims at winning power, the former

Ans. influence government policies

29. new partnership for Africa,s development was an attempt to overcome

Ans. the obstacle of Africa development

30. which of the following emphasizes the rule of law and human rights protection

Ans. constitutionalism

31. early nationalist activities manifested in the form of

Ans. resistance

32. the needs of the citizens are made known to the government through

Ans. public opinion

33. the chairman of the 1976 constitution drafting committee was

Ans. Rotimi Williams

34. the head of government under the 1979 constitution is the

Ans. president

35. the organ of the UN that served as custodian of some African countries prior to their independence is

Ans. the trusteeship council

36. the African country that was not colonized is

Ans. Ethiopia

37. A system of government in which an individual rule with absolute power is

Ans. autocracy

38. Akwa Ibom and Katsina states were created in

Ans. 1987.

39. the appointment and dissolution of the board of directors of public corporations fall under

Ans. ministerial control

40. Absence of a charter has been a problem of

Ans. commonwealth

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  • March 8, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Your chosen answer to question 6 is wrong. It should be the Federal Character Commission.


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