Life After School And What You Should Know

Life after school should be a course in school! I left school a couple of years ago and I was hoping to land a great job and flex till the end of time.

While that worked out for a few people, it didn’t work for a majority of us. So I am here to tell you what’s really out there.

You may end up doing something totally different from what you studied. There are no jobs so you best bet is to acquire a skilled that is not usually studied in school.

I studied urban and regional planning in school but today I am a journalist, a trained one too. I create contents, cover events and I also run a skin care line.

Get a skill. No investment towards growth is ever a waste.

You need to start spending responsibly now. Plan every kobo. Adulthood is not easy ooo. Light bill, water, rent, food etc will hit you hard if you ain’t disciplined enough.

Your parents will stop paying all your bills after school as it should be so welcome to adulthood.

Thankfully, there is NYSC allowance, save and save. You see all that skill acquisition exercise that happens in camp. Do Not Joke With It.

Take in as much knowledge as you can.

Learn to sow, make cake, make shoes and bags out of ankara materials. Just learn.

Believe me when I say you will need that experience someday.

I wish you all the best. Enjoy the rest of your day.



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