Shocking message from FUTO lecturer to a female IT student

So this lecture has been trending recently after he sent a text message to a female student he is to supervise her Industrial Training (IT) program.

In case you don’t know what IT is, it is basically a compulsory program in higher institutions across Nigeria where the student has to go to an industry or organization and gain practical experience on things related to her course of study.

But because this female student decided to do her IT in Kaduna, her supervisor is not finding it funny and send her this message instead (see the screenshot below):

Lecturer text to student
Lecturer text to a student

“Hi I am Engr…… from metallurgy and materials department. So of all the places you could do your I.T you chose to go to Kaduna? I just read in the papers now that bandits stopped two buses at Kachia Kaduna South and kidnapped everybody, demanding N1.5m ransome per head… that is the place you want me to come supervise you? I.T. gbuo gi dia… when you come to school bring your log book to my department for signing. And am going to remove 10 marks for this nonsense you did. Attempting to permanently separate me from my wife and children. God dey.”


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