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Nigerian teachers WhatsApp Group links (primary and secondary)

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Join the WhatsApp Group chats for the Nigerian teachers. This will give you an opportunity to chat and connect with other like minded teachers in our country. Please note that the WhatsApp Group links below are specifically for the teachers. If you're not one of them, do not join. We encourage proper conducts and fruitful conversations in the Groups. Also, note that this is not some official, government approved WhatsApp Group of any sort. We created the Groups so you awesome teachers can chat and connect with one another. Join the Nigerian teachers WhatsApp Group chats via these links: Nigerian Secondary School Teachers WhatsApp Chat OR Primary School Teachers WhatsApp Connect. Thanks.
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I would love to join a Whatsapp group mostly to help senior secondary students with there studies

June 16 2023
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Like to join

January 26 2022
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