NIN for JAMB registration: How feasible is that in 2021 giving the challenges involved?

JAMB had to postpone the 2021/2022 UTME/DE registration due to issues with NIN integration to their system. But the bigger question should be how many people even have their NIN?

Recall that all candidates registering for the 2021 UTME exam are required to provide their NIN during the registration process. But JAMB said the registration exercise scheduled to commence April 8 will be on hold, for now, pending when they resolve the issues they are facing with NIN integration.

Do candidates have their NIN ready?

While integration might be an issue, another question we need to ask is do these aspiring JAMB candidates have their NIN? We all know the tedious process one can face in getting a thing like NIN or even retrieving a phone number.

With that in mind, I just wonder how feasible making NIN mandatory for the 2021/2022 UTME can be. Maybe NIN should be optional for this year. JAMB can make it compulsory starting next year.

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