Tips for NYSC Corps members going to North

The tradition is that the prospective National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) will first go for orientation courses at camps around the country before they are posted to their respective Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

And as usual, many prospective corps members will be posted from down south to northern states. As for me, I served in Kaduna and I enjoyed serving there!

Few things you need to know about NYSC in the North

1. Cold North

This is especially for those from southern parts of the country. You may have heard it before, but let me just reiterate it here: the Northern parts of the country are usually colder than the southern parts during Harmattan.

Also, the orientation camp is a typical camp, as expected. So, expect that the cold will be felt there pretty much.

What you need to do is get your sweater and whatever gadgets for shielding yourself from Harmattan cold.

2. Get your documents ready.

First days in camp, you will go through a series of registrations and verification. But that is not all. There will be other occasions when you will do one registration or the other. SO make sure you go to the orientation camp with all the documents you are required to come along with.

Note that the list of required documents may vary, but here are the documents I used in Kaduna NYSC Orientation Camp.

3. The orientation course

The orientation course itself involves a series of activities. I’ve already shared my own experience in my previous article. Please do read it here: What is NYSC Orientation Camp Like?

4. Security

The simple thing I want to say here is that some of these security issues with some parts of the North are exaggerated! I served in Southern Kaduna, I know what I’m saying.

5. Religion

There is this religion thing there in the north, unlike we have in southwestern states like Lagos. I think other places I have been to are more tolerant of religion.

Those are my opinions. Enjoy your service year!

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