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19 Prohibited Items In JAMB Exam Hall In 2022

JAMB Candidates
JAMB Candidates

The JAMB exam for the year 2022 is fast-approaching, and many students are getting ready for the exam. Are you getting prepared too?

However, it is not news that some students fail the JAMB exam even before they write the exam. 

Some students fail not because they don’t read or prepare for the exam. But because of some mistakes and ignorance of some students.

How does that happen? Well, I will tell you.

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Every exam (especially the external exam) has its rules and regulations. A student who fails to comply is writing a letter to failure already.

JAMB has its rules and regulations, and any candidate who refuses to comply will face the consequences of disobedience.

That is why it is necessary to know some rules and regulations of the Joint Admission Matriculation Examination Board (JAMB). 

And that leads us to the 19 Prohibited Item In JAMB Exam Hall. That means you should avoid taking items like this with you on your JAMB examination day.

Let’s check them out.

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19 Prohibited Items In JAMB Exam Hall

JAMB Prohibited Items
JAMB Prohibited Items

1. Phone: You must not bring your mobile phone with you to the examination hall. That can lead to examination malpractice.

2. Wristwatch: Do not bring your wristwatch to the examination hall. JAMB is against it.

3. ATM Card: You are not allowed to bring your ATM card to the exam hall.

4. Pen/Biro: No candidate is allowed with book, pen, and other stationery since the exam is CTB.

5. Calculator: Do not bring a calculator or any other electronic gadgets into the examination hall. You are to use the calculator on your computer.

6. Eraser: The exam is CBT, so you are not allowed to use an eraser in the exam hall.

7. Keyholder

8. Bluetooth Devices: You are not allowed to use in the exam hall. It is an act of examination malpractice.

9. Camera

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10. Earpiece

11. Smart Lenses

12. Recorder: Do not bring any kind of recorder into the examination hall.

13. Ink/Pen Reader

14. USB/Hard Drive

15. Microphone

16. Jewelry/Smart Rings

17. Smart Buttons

18. Book/Writing Materials

19. Reading Glasses: The invigilators will check any recommended glasses thoroughly before you can use them.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t bring to the examination hall on the day of the exam, what are things you should bring with you?

Let’s find that out.

JAMB 2022: Things To Take With You To The Exam Hall

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Here are the necessary things you should take with you on your JAMB examination day:

1. Two (2) printed copies of your JAMB examination slip. (Very important)

2. Submit one copy of the slips to the exam invigilators and keep the other for reference.

3. Ensure your slips are printed in coloured, although it is not compulsory. 

4. You might need a pencil with you, so remember to come with one.

5. Remember to take some extra money with you in case of eventualities.

In conclusion, JAMB examiantion is not as hard as many students think. Read and prepare ahead of the exam and be confident in yourself. 

Ensure you follow the rules and regulations of JAMB, and you are good to go.

I wish you all the best in your exam.

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