As JAMB exam starts very soon, see how to round up preparations

It has been several months of JAMB preparations for most JAMB candidates. So far so good, I guess? But now, the day is almost here for JAMB exam to begin.

What you must have done by now as a JAMB candidate

If you are a JAMB candidate, it is expected that with the exam already at hand, you should have reached at least some level of preparation for the UTME exam.

As a JAMBite getting ready for the battle with about 1 million other candidates, you suppose to have:

  1. studied deeply, covering as many topics as possible, in accordance with JAMB syllabus
  2. solved MANY JAMB past questions, and even solved them over and over again!

If however, you have not done the two things listed above, it is not late yet, but you have to step up your preparation before it gets late.

I highly recommend that you install our JAMB App and study thousands of Past Questions and Answers offline.

Rounding Up and Getting Ready For the Day

Now for those of you students/candidates who have spent weeks and even months preparing for JAMB, I must say kudos to you guys. It is not easy.

But don’t relax and think that you have “finished” JAMB. There is this saying that “It is not yet over until it is over.” So until you get that admission offer from the school of your choice, don’t relax.

Did you know that 1 point can make someone lose admission? Of course, it happens. You are competing with thousands of people for one course and a point you drop in JAMB or post-JAMB exam can make the next person pass you.

Finally, there is no crime if you score 400 in JAMB. If you think you have solved all JAMB past questions and possible questions, revisit those questions, again and again, let it stick.

The more you solve the same type of problem over and over again, the faster you can solve it the next time, especially in the exam hall where speed and accuracy are very important.

** Also, see how to score high in JAMB and how to defeat exam anxiety/fear.

Wishing you success in your JAMB exam and a successful admission! All the best!

2 thoughts on “As JAMB exam starts very soon, see how to round up preparations

  • March 27, 2019 at 7:46 am

    How will I get the answers?

    • March 27, 2019 at 7:54 am

      You will get the answers when you buy JAMB 2019 past questions and answers.


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