Schools reopening this month, 3 things to except!

Some states announced that their schools will reopen this month. This  is coming after months of lockdown as a result of the yet to be defeated coronavirus pandemic.

As schools gear up for resumption of academic activities, here are some things to expect!

1. Things will happen fast after school reopening

A lot of time have been wasted already as a result of the lockdown. Consequently, schools will most likely fast forward things to try to adjust academic calendar back to normal

The implication of this will include JAMB, semester exam and other exams coming sooner than you might expect, without additions of months spent on lockdown!

If you’re a prospective JAMB candidate, help yourself with JAMB past questions and answers, for free. As for other students, get busy… there is no time!

2. Students were not reading during lockdown

As against the general expectations that students used the lockdown  period to read heaven and earth, the reality is that many students didn’t actually put that much effort into their books this period.

Some are engaged with something else, like hustling or helping olw xaut their parents at business; some spent the lockdown period on social media, discovering their social media talents, while some others were just there, asking every now and then when will schools reopen.

3. Preventive measures will still be in place

Expect to wear face masks to lectures, classrooms and at most places within the school environment.

Things like hand sanitizers and places for washing hands will also be there.

This corona thing might not end this year!

And finally, many students will be happy, especially those tired of staying at home and doing nothing so engaging with their time.

I wish you guys a happy resumption in advance. Please stay safe from coronavirus.

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