159 thoughts on “List of Social Science Subjects in Secondary Schools, O’Level & JAMB”

  1. l want to be a lawyer,can my subject be english,mathematics,literature, government,c.r.s,economics,markerting,computer,civic education

  2. Am a science student but I want to move to social science
    I have marketing, economics, civic,English, maths,agric,biology,chemistry, physics
    I do like businesses administration
    But can u pls tell me wat course is suitable for d result I posted if not business admin

  3. Can I combine commerce and economics in jamb if I’m applying for business administration in UNN and UNiLORIN

  4. I want to study English language and literature, and they said my jamb subject should be English, literature, one Art subject, and any social science subject. Can I can choose CRS as one art subject and Government as a social science subject?

  5. Yetunde
    I want to study English language and literature, and they said I must do English, literature, one art subject and any social science subject. Can I pick Crs as one art subject and Government as a social science subject?

  6. What course can i study under English language, mathematics,Igbo language, financial accounting, commerce, economics, marketing, civic education and christian religious studies

  7. What course can I study under marketing, English, mathematics, commerce, government, literature, Civic, economics, CRS

  8. Is Civic education a social science subject.and then as a direct entry.can I use maths,English,economics,government,Civic education to study business education.please urgent reply is needed.

  9. I want to study accounting what are the subject I should be writing in jamb and name s of the subject in social science subjects

  10. Good morning please I want to study business administration but I didn’t offer commerce in school, is there any subject I can use to replace it. Or I can write commerce in jamb

  11. Obakpolor ivie mabel

    I want to study banking and finance but i don’t know much on economics and accounting..
    what will i do??
    i need answers urgently please

  12. Which course can i study with English, mathematics, literature in English,marketing,civic education,biology,economic,Yoruba,crs.

  13. I want to study accounting, and this is my waec subject combination
    English language
    Civic Education
    How can i choose for jamb if i want to study accounting.

  14. aladekomo chioma Julia

    I want to study psychology I already choose English, government as my jamb subject combination, what other subjects can I add besides maths or geography

  15. Can I do without geography? The course I want to study is under social Science in NOUN. I just don’t like geography, what subject can I put instead?

    These are my subjects
    Literature in English
    Civic Education

    Is this okay for a social Science course and can I add agric instead of geography for the 9th subject?
    Please I need an urgent reply.
    Thank you

  16. can you make the info easier to understand. I’m trying to understand which of the subjects i should be paying attention to. I’m in secondary school (yr 10) and i have no idea which of the provided info I should be paying attention to.

      1. Which course can I study with
        Food& nutrition
        Civic education

  17. Ezeh innocent cj

    Well these subjects are social science subjects try to research about it and also consult a brochure just to be sure

  18. Olatunji oluwapelumi Ebenezer

    This browser really help me a lot with all the informations he gave to me . Thanks to crypto tab browser

  19. What courses can I study in the university with the listed subjects
    Civic education
    Igbo language

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