Subjects needed to study International Relations

What are the subjects needed to study international relations in Nigerian universities? The answer: subjects may vary by schools however, we expect that to happen in rare cases.

International Relations is a subject offered in Faculty of Arts in some schools and in Social Science faculty in other schools.

Some schools combines it with History and give it the name History and International Relations or History and International Studies.

Now, subjects combinations for International Relations

Subjects needed to study international relations

  1. Use of English
  2. Government
  3. History
  4. Two other relevant O’level subjects

The above is o level subjects for international relations. See
jamb subject combination for international studies below.

Notice: It is important however you check with your school their specific requirements for the course or use the comment section to ask so I can help you check for your school.

JAMB subject combination for International Relations

  1. Use of English
  2. Government
  3. History
  4. One other relevant JAMB/UTME subject.

Important: PLEASE use this JAMB Brochure to check the requirement for your specific school.

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