Top 17 teaching job interview questions to expect

Looking for the common interview questions asked someone being interviewed for a teaching job? Get some ideas here so you prepare for the tough interview questions ahead of time.

Some job interview questions are general and overlap. But many others are directed specifically for the job position you are being interviewed for.

For the general interview questions, please see Top 7 Current interview questions and how to answer them.

In this post, let’s focus on those likely questions asked during interview for teaching jobs.

Likely interview questions for teaching jobs

1. Tell me about yourself and your experience in education

This questions is basically saying tell me about your professional self, not about your personal life.

This is a time you tell about your experiences, especially as a teacher or someone with relevant knowledge and skills for the teaching job position you are being interviewed.

Maybe you won the teacher of the year or some other prestigious awards that you will like the committee to know about.

Also, there may be some leadership roles you have taken on, it is time to show everyone that you are a leader. You can let the committee know that you can do more than just teach.

Another important thing you can add when answering tell me about yourself question is being able to show a history of students success. You can show documentation of students success through scores or portfolios.

2. Why did you choose a career in education

This question tries to test your emotional connection with your career as a teacher.

You need to show your love for teaching by answering this questions in an emotional way.

Everyone has one of those stories how they have chosen their career. Some for the good reasons, some for the wrong reasons.

You don’t want to be the one who went into teaching for the wrong reasons. For example, you didn’t choose teaching just to earn some salary and make money.

Instead, you can tell an emotional story how teaching has changes your life. Maybe you are born to be a teacher. Maybe you love the subject you teach. Or your dad was an amazing teacher and you wanted to be like him.

3. What is your teaching philosophy?

One of the ways that has been recommended for answering this type of question is by:

Emphasize teacher-students relationship: One of the important steps to getting a child learn is to first develop a relationship with the child.

Passion: Passion is very important for being an effective teacher. A teacher needs to be some who really love to help others learn. If you don’t have the passion for teaching, then a teaching career isn’t worth it.

Love: And if you truly love your students, it is also important to emphasize on that. The idea is that if you take your students as your children, you will do everything to see that they succeed.

Engagement: Other things you can emphasize on are exciting projects, exciting lessons.

4. How would you incorporate technology into the classroom?

Technology plays a very critical role in learning. It is important that every teacher understands this and know or have strategies for using tech to make maximum impact as a teacher.

In answering this question, you can talk about great apps, software or resources for education that you know and how you will incorporate them in the classroom.

5. How will you manage students behaviour in your classroom?

Students don’t come to classroom already knowing the rules.

Therefore, the first steps is to make sure they are aware and understand the rules in the classroom.

Of course, every now and  then a student will break those rules. Classrooms can easily get out hands of hands if a teacher doesn’t enforce the classroom rules.

One of the ways you can control students behaviour is by having engaging lessons, challenging and engaging work that will put students on tasks and behaving.

6. Most important teacher interview questions

One interview question you most likely cannot escape is “tell me about yourself”. Please read the best ways How to answers “tell me about yourself” question.

12 More teacher interview questions

  1. How do you teach to the state standards?
  2. Describe your discipline philosophy.
  3. As a teacher for the kids, how do you expect to handle the “pig-headed ones”?
  4. How will you prepare students for standardized assessments?
  5. When a child reports you to his on her parents, what will you do?
  6. How do you make sure you meet the needs of a student with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan)?
  7. How do you communicate with parents?
  8. Why did you become a teacher?
  9. Why do you want to work at this school?
  10. What kinds of qualities do students look for in teachers?
  11. What personality traits do teachers need to be successful?

Wishing you that your dream job!

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