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Mention Your 3 Hardest & Easiest Subjects in SECONDARY SCHOOL

What’s your hardest & easiest secondary school subjects? Economics? Physics? Literature? English…? Or…? Also, see in the comment section what subjects other students find most challenging.

One of the reasons we have people running away from some fields of study while others are running to the same fields is because of the differences in subjects we find easy and ones we find challenging.

Math Equations

To some people, their hardest secondary school subject was (or is) Literature, to some their nightmare is Mathematics, to some others, it’s Economics, Chemistry, etc. But others find those subjects easy.

As for me, the English language was my nightmare. I mean, those grammar rules, pronunciations, etc.. were not funny. But I didn’t have a choice… I had to face my challenges. But in all these, I also had favourite subjects.

So, did you go to Secondary school or are you a secondary school student? If yes, what 3 subjects do you think are the hardest AND the other 3 you think are the easiest secondary school subjects?

Please drop your answer in the comment box below. Just list the 3 subjects you found most challenging AND 3 other subjects that were your easiest in secondary school.

My 3 hardest secondary school subjects

  1. English Language
  2. Igbo
  3. Literature

My 3 easiest secondary school subjects

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Agricultural Science

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  1. Hardest
    Agricultural science


    If you notice I prefer calculations to….

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