Schools should NOT reopen in Nigeria soonest – see why

Everyone is asking when are schools reopening in Nigeria, but you just have to understand that Nigerian schools should not resume as soon some people want until it is safe to do so; this is especially for secondary schools and lower (primary, nursery, etc).

While some students are eager to go back to school, it is important to understand that this might not happen now until certain safety measures are put in place.

Things to put in place before schools can resume

When you see school resumptions in some other parts of the world, you can see they were well prepared for it. Our schools and government need to put in place serious preventive measures against coronavirus (that we can see not just hear) before sending students out there.

The pictures below show some of those protective measures applied elsewhere in the world and before opening schools here, we need to adopt such measures in every school across the country.

Students’ desks have glass shields:

students wearing masks

Students maintaining social distancing in the exam hall:

nursing assistants exam

Elsewhere in Taiwan, students are fully kitted with facemasks:

taiwan students with face masks

And so many examples out there…

Why is this important?

The reason this is important is obvious but just in case you don’t know, coronavirus is still out there and the question is much confidence do you have in the level preparedness of schools and government for reopening of schools?

Students want to go back to school, that is quite understandable but… It is he who is alive and healthy that goes to school. 

While you patiently wait a little longer for schools to reopen, get yourself fully prepared with past questions and answers for free.

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