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Erosional features - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Erosional features are the result of continuous wave action and are a testament to the shaping power of the ocean on coastal landscapes. They illustrate the dynamic and ever-changing nature of coastlines, as they evolve and transform due to natural erosional forces.


Wavescape (Wave-Cut Platform):

A wavescape, also known as a wave-cut platform, is a flat, rocky surface found at the base of a sea cliff or coastal headland.

It's formed when the relentless action of waves wears away the rock at the base of the cliff, creating a broad, flat area.

Over time, the wavescape extends seaward, often exposed at low tide, and it's a result of erosion caused by waves pounding against the rock and gradually wearing it down.



A bay is a curved, open body of water that extends into the land, usually surrounded by land on three sides.

Bays are formed by various erosional processes, such as wave action, and can result from the selective erosion of softer rock or sedimentary deposits within a coastal area.



Cliffs are steep, vertical or near-vertical walls of rock that rise abruptly from the sea or a body of water.

They form due to the erosion of coastal rocks by the powerful force of waves crashing against them.



Coastal caves are hollow openings in cliffs or rocky shorelines.

They are formed by the relentless pounding of waves, which gradually wear away softer or less resistant rock layers within the cliff.

Over time, these openings can expand into larger cave-like structures.



Stacks are tall, isolated columns or pillars of rock that stand out in the sea.

They are remnants of headlands or cliffs that were eroded over time. As waves wear away the softer rock and leave behind more resistant portions, these columns can form.

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