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Erosional Processes - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Erosional processes are natural actions that shape and modify coastlines over time. These erosional processes, along with deposition and other geological factors, play a significant role in shaping coastal landscapes and influencing the evolution of coastlines over geological time scales. 

Coastal erosion and sediment transport are crucial for understanding and managing coastal environments and protecting coastal communities. There are several key erosional processes, including:


  • Corrosion: This is the chemical dissolution of rocks by the action of seawater, leading to the gradual wearing away of coastal features.


  • Attrition: Attrition is the process of rocks and sediment particles in the coastal environment colliding and breaking down into smaller, smoother pieces due to the action of waves and currents.


  • Solution: Solution is the process of minerals in rocks, such as limestone, dissolving when exposed to acidic seawater.


  • Hydraulic Action: This refers to the mechanical action of waves and water pressure, which can dislodge and transport sediments as water is forced into cracks and crevices in rocks.



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