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Factors Influencing Settlements - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

  • Soil: The fertility of the soil can influence the type of settlement. Fertile soil is essential for agriculture, which is the primary economic activity in rural settlements.


  • Weather: Climate and weather conditions can affect settlement patterns. Harsh climates may deter people from settling in certain areas, while milder climates can attract them.


  • Topography: The physical landscape, including mountains, rivers, and valleys, can impact the location and layout of settlements. Flat land is often preferred for urban development, while rural areas adapt to the local topography for farming.


  • Natural Resources: The availability of natural resources like water sources, forests, and minerals can shape settlement patterns as they are essential for both urban and rural activities.


  • Transportation: Access to transportation routes such as roads, railways, and waterways is crucial for the growth and development of settlements, particularly in urban areas.


  • Historical and Cultural Factors: Historical events and cultural heritage can influence the location and characteristics of settlements.


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