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Factors responsible for migration - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Migration is driven by a variety of factors, and they can be grouped into push factors (reasons to leave a place) and pull factors (reasons to go to a new place). Here are some of the key factors:


Push Factors:

  1. Economic Hardship: Lack of job opportunities, low wages, and economic instability can push people to seek better prospects elsewhere.
  2. Conflict and Violence: War, conflict, and insecurity force many to flee their homes in search of safety.
  3. Environmental Factors: Natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, or rising sea levels, can make an area uninhabitable.
  4. Persecution: Discrimination, human rights abuses, and political oppression can drive people to escape from their home countries.
  5. Limited Access to Education and Healthcare: The absence of quality education and healthcare services can motivate parents to migrate for a better future for their children.
  6. Overpopulation: In some cases, overcrowding can make living conditions unbearable, pushing people to move.


Pull Factors:

  1. Job Opportunities: The promise of better employment prospects, higher wages, and improved living standards attracts migrants to new destinations.
  2. Education: Access to quality education and educational opportunities can be a strong pull factor for families.
  3. Family Reunification: The desire to reunite with family members who have already migrated is a significant pull factor.
  4. Political Stability: Countries with political stability and the rule of law often attract migrants seeking safety and a secure environment.
  5. Healthcare Services: Access to better healthcare facilities and services can be a pull factor, especially for those in need of medical treatment.
  6. Quality of Life: The general quality of life, including infrastructure, safety, and social services, can entice people to move.
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