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Functions of Settlements - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Settlements serve various functions, which can vary based on their type:


1. Urban Settlements:

Economic Hub: Urban areas are centers of commerce, finance, and industry.

Cultural and Educational Centers: They offer access to educational institutions, cultural events, and museums.

Administrative and Governance: Urban centers often house government offices and institutions.


2. Rural Settlements:

Agriculture: Rural areas are primarily engaged in agriculture and farming.

Residential: People live in rural settlements and often have close-knit communities.

Natural Resource Extraction: Some rural areas focus on mining or forestry.


3. Suburban Settlements:

Residential: Suburbs are typically bedroom communities where people live and commute to nearby urban centers for work.

Access to Urban Amenities: Suburban areas provide a balance between urban and rural life, with access to both amenities and open spaces.


4. Industrial Settlements:

Manufacturing and Industry: These settlements are focused on manufacturing and industrial activities.

Employment: They serve as employment hubs for those working in these industries.

In summary, interaction patterns and functions of settlements are intertwined with the lifestyle, economic activities, and social dynamics of the people living in these areas. Urban, rural, and other settlement types each play unique roles in the broader social and economic landscape.



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