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Important insect pests of major crops: legume - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

1. Pod Borer:

Identification: Pod borers are caterpillar larvae of moths that infest the pods of legume crops like soybeans, peas, and beans.

Damage: They tunnel into the pods, feeding on developing seeds and causing yield loss and reduced crop quality.

Prevention and Control: Crop rotation, early planting, and the use of resistant crop varieties can help manage pod borer infestations. In severe cases, insecticides may be necessary.




2. Aphids:

Identification: Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that feed on the sap of legume plants.

Damage: They weaken plants by extracting nutrients and can transmit plant viruses. Aphids also produce honeydew, which can lead to the growth of sooty mold.

Prevention and Control: Beneficial insects like ladybugs and parasitic wasps can help control aphid populations. Insecticidal soaps and neem oil are organic options, while chemical insecticides can also be used.



3. Stink Bugs:

Identification: Stink bugs are shield-shaped insects that puncture legume pods to feed on seeds.

Damage: Their feeding results in shriveled and discolored seeds, reducing crop quality and yield.

Prevention and Control: Early detection and regular monitoring are essential. Insecticides or natural enemies like parasitic wasps can be used for control.




4. Leaf Beetles:

Identification: Leaf beetles, including bean leaf beetles, chew on the leaves of legume crops.

Damage: They create holes in leaves, affecting photosynthesis and reducing crop vigor.

Prevention and Control: Crop rotation, planting early, and using insect-resistant varieties are preventive measures. Insecticides are an option for severe infestations.



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