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Major industrial zones in Nigeria - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Lagos-Ogun Industrial Zone:

Types of Industries: This zone is known for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, trade, and services.

Products: It produces a variety of goods such as textiles, electronics, food and beverages, and petrochemicals. It's also a hub for financial services and commerce.


Port Harcourt Industrial Zone:

Types of Industries: This region is rich in oil and gas-related industries and petrochemicals.

Products: It's a major center for oil and gas exploration, refining, and distribution. Products include petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemical derivatives.


Kano Industrial Zone:

Types of Industries: Kano is known for its manufacturing industries and agribusiness.

Products: Industries here produce textiles, leather goods, and agricultural products like grains, groundnuts, and spices.


Onitsha-Nnewi Industrial Cluster:

Types of Industries: This cluster specializes in manufacturing and trade.

Products: It's known for producing consumer goods, electronics, and auto parts. The region is often called the "Nigerian Silicon Valley" for its electronics production.


Ibadan Industrial Zone:

Types of Industries: Ibadan is known for diverse industries, including manufacturing and agro-processing.

Products: Industries in this zone produce food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.


Calabar Free Trade Zone:

Types of Industries: This zone is a special economic area with industries in logistics and manufacturing.

Products: It focuses on trade and manufacturing of goods for export, including textiles, electronics, and machinery.


Abuja Technology Village:

Types of Industries: This area focuses on technology and knowledge-based industries.

Products: It's a hub for software development, IT services, and research and development in the technology sector.

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