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Management Practices - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

 Grazing Management: Rotate livestock to prevent overgrazing and maintain grass health.

Fertilization: Add nutrients to the soil to enhance forage growth.

Weed and Pest Control: Remove weeds and manage pest infestations.

Irrigation: Ensure adequate water supply, especially in dry regions.

Rest Periods: Allow pastures time to recover between grazing periods.

Soil Testing: Regularly test soil to assess its nutrient levels.

Infrastructure: Maintain fences, gates, and water systems.

Disease Management: Monitor and address diseases in livestock.

Replanting: Replace worn-out plants in temporary pastures as needed.

In summary, different types of pastures serve various purposes, and factors like soil quality, climate, and management practices greatly influence their success. Proper pasture management is crucial for sustainable livestock farming and maintaining healthy forage resources.

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