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Meaning and types of settlement - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

A settlement is a human community where people live, work, and interact with one another. Settlements can be broadly categorized into two types: urban settlements and rural settlements.


Types of Settlements:

1. Urban Settlements:

Urban settlements are characterized by high population density and developed infrastructure.

These areas are usually cities and towns. They often serve as centers of economic, administrative, and cultural activities.

Urban settlements are diverse, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They have a higher level of government administration and services.


2. Rural Settlements:

Rural settlements are less densely populated and typically found in the countryside. They are often focused on agriculture and related activities.

Rural settlements can vary in size from small villages to larger farming communities. Infrastructure and services may be less developed compared to urban areas. Local governance is usually at the village or town level.


Aspects of Settlements:

  • Population: Urban settlements have a higher population density compared to rural settlements. Urban areas tend to attract more people due to job opportunities and better amenities.


  • Economy: Urban settlements are hubs of economic activity, with a wide range of industries and services. Rural settlements are primarily focused on agriculture and related sectors.


  • Administration: Urban settlements have more complex administrative structures, often including local, municipal, and city governments. Rural settlements typically have simpler local governance.
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