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Milling Machines - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

Milling machines are essential for processing grains and other crops into usable products. Here is how they work:

Grain Threshing: First, threshers separate grains from the crop's stalks and husks.


Cleaning: Impurities like dirt and stones are removed.



Grinding: The grains are ground into flour, meal, or other products.


Sorting and Packaging: The final product is sorted, packaged, and prepared for sale or consumption.


Milling machines come in various sizes, from small-scale units for local farmers to large industrial mills for extensive grain processing.


In summary, farm machinery like dryers, incubators, and milling machines are critical tools in modern agriculture. They help ensure food quality, reduce post-harvest losses, and increase overall farm efficiency, contributing to the sustainability and success of agricultural operations.

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