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Preventive and control measures - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

Cultural Methods: These are like natural tricks that farmers use to keep pests away.


Crop Rotation: Farmers change the type of crop they plant in a field each season. This confuses pests because they can't find their favorite food every year.


Planting Time: Farmers plant at different times to avoid the peak season for certain pests. For example, planting a bit later might dodge a bug attack.


Companion Planting: Some plants naturally repel pests. Farmers plant these together with their main crops to keep the bad bugs away.


Weeding and Cleaning: Keeping fields clean and removing weed plants helps eliminate hiding spots for pests.


Biological Methods: These are like calling in nature's helpers to control pests.


Predators and Parasites: Some bugs eat other bugs. Farmers introduce these helpful bugs to eat the pests causing trouble.


Microbes and Fungi: Using tiny organisms that target pests, like bacteria or fungi, can be a natural way to control them.


Beneficial Plants: Planting flowers that attract pollinators like bees and predators like ladybugs can create a balanced ecosystem that helps control pests.


Chemical Methods: These involve using chemicals to fight pests, but they should be used carefully.


Pesticides: These are chemicals designed to kill or control pests. Farmers use them when other methods can't keep pests in check. It's crucial to follow safety guidelines to protect the environment and human health.


Herbicides and Fungicides: These are chemicals to control weeds and fungal diseases in crops. Like pesticides, they should be used with caution.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM): This is like a smart strategy that combines all the methods. Farmers use the least harmful methods first and only turn to chemicals if pests become a big problem.

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