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Shellers - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

Shellers are machines designed to remove the outer protective covering, or "shells," from various types of seeds or grains. They make it easier to access the edible part of seeds or grains.

Shellers are crucial in agriculture for processing crops like corn, peanuts, or beans by separating the seeds from their tough outer layers. Shellers are essential in agriculture and food processing. 


Key Concepts:

Crop Processing: Shellers are used to separate the edible part (seeds or grains) from the tough outer covering (shells or husks) of crops. For example, corn shellers remove corn kernels from the cob, and peanut shellers extract peanuts from their pods.


Efficiency: Shellers are designed to do this efficiently and quickly, which saves a lot of time and effort compared to doing it by hand.


Variety: There are different types of shellers designed for various crops, ensuring that the process is tailored to the specific characteristics of each crop.


Agricultural Impact: Shellers are important in agriculture because they make it easier to harvest and process crops, ensuring that the edible parts are ready for consumption or further processing into food products.


In summary, bulldozers are powerful machines used in construction to move large amounts of earth and debris, while shellers are agricultural machines that remove the outer coverings from seeds or grains, making them ready for consumption or processing into various food products. Both play crucial roles in their respective industries.



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